Welcome to the future
The new Audi A8

Luxury doesn't shout, it whispers.
Introducing the new Audi A8. An exciting new design language with uncompromising beauty and comfort.

A new design era

An exciting new design language confirms the understated elegance of the all-new A8.
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On the way ahead

Thanks to its luminosity and energy efficiency, LED technology is without a doubt on the leading edge of engineering services. Now it has been surpassed. And by a considerable degree: The HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light, optionally for the A8, achieve 10 times the luminous intensity. Their bundled rays cast a piece of day into the night. The range of visibility is doubled with these laser spotlights in comparison to conventional technology. But it's not just a matter of seeing better: A camera system in the front panel detects light sources in the

oncoming traffic and enables this area to be automatically dimmed. This means that oncoming vehicles will not be exposed to glare. The dimmed area can be controlled extremely precisely due to an increased number of illuminated segments. It will be smaller as a result - which also improves your view. All of this functions automatically of course, thus providing a further prerequisite for relaxed, comfortable, and safe driving at night. The HD Matrix LED headlights are optional in the A8, indicated by a distinctive blue X in the headlights.

Finishing touch

The Audi Matrix OLED rear light in 3D design allows for a special lighting design for the new Audi A8, which leaves its distinctive mark. The OLED technology enables a homogeneous representation of geometrical shapes, which are infinitely dimmable. The new Audi A8 is unmistakable in the dark thanks to its LED luminaire in combination with rear lights in OLED technology, also highlighting opening and closing vehicle. It isn't just the design that is impressive - so are the gains for safety due to better visibility.

Aluminium Space Frame

The Audi A8 is built on the aluminium Audi Space Frame, helping to reduce weight and fuel consumption, while boosting agility and dynamics.

Intelligent technology

New driver assistance systems and a range of innovative technologies support you during your journey in a variety of ways, guaranteeing comfort and safety at a high level.

You can act with the utmost calm in the Audi A8. You have a unique abundance of networked systems at your fingertips. This intelligent network of sensors and algorithms supports you, if desired, from the motorway to the car park in almost any driving situation, and makes the ride even more comfortable, more in your command, and safer. The up to 41 assistance systems recognise and evaluate the current environment during the journey, provide you with additional information as required, and take action in stages if it becomes critical. With this comprehensive equipment set, a decisive step on the way to autonomous driving has been a success.

Uncompromised beauty and comfort

Discover an indulgent sanctuary that encloses you in luxury and comfort - whichever seat you are in.

Form and function

The A8 sees the introduction of a completely new and intuitive operating system, with impressive attention to detail to make your journey an even more personal one.



can be customised


assistance systems


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